Book Binding

Binding is our Passion

Thesis Bound is a family business with generations of bookbinding experience

Bindings for Special Memories

Special occasions in life, such as, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, moments such as these, can be cherished in a binding making a unique and beautiful gift. 

Family Histories, This is Your Life, Wedding Guest Books & Stories or Poems

thesis book binding dublin family history

Religious Rebindings

Religious books receive a lot of wear and tear, as most are used on a daily basis.  No need to discard, a rebinding will bring new life to your religious binding for many years.

Bibles, Breviaries, Lectionaries, Roman Missal, Prayer Request Books

thesis book binding dublin missal

Library & Business Paperwork, bindings

Paperwork and magazines bound into book form, organises, gives a professional look and makes easy reference.

Periodicals, Magazines and Journals, Minutes of Meetings, Reports, Presentations, Registers and Visitors Books

thesis book binding dublin encyclopedia

Much Loved Books

Old or worn books, can be brought back to life with a rebinding

Heirloom Books, Old Cookery Books, Hobby Books, Encyclopaedias or any book of Personal/Sentimental Value

thesis book binding dublin cookery


  • We have a choice of colours, foils and binding styles
  • Every binding is crafted individually
  • A fast and efficient turnaround service is available

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